What Others Are Saying

Keith Lynch has outstanding precision in his playing and his acute hearing when assembling songs and recording are strengths that naturally abide in his soul.  Keith is always willing to go beyond any formidable boundaries that say “You Can’t Do That.”

Bill Ward – Legendary Drummer

“Keith Lynch possesses extraordinary knowledge, skills, and abilities in playing and teaching guitar. His focus is always on helping you learn to play music that you like. Playing music that you like results in more enjoyment in learning the guitar. Keith can listen to nearly any piece of music of your choosing and he will be teaching you how to play it in moments. No matter the type of guitar, style of music, or your playing ability, Keith will help you attain your guitar playing goals. I would recommend Keith to anyone who is serious about learning or improving on guitar.”

– Kevin

“When I first came to Keith I knew about two chords. Five years later, I have been able to learn songs and solos from many of my favorite artists (e.g., David Gilmour / Pink Floyd, Jimmy Page, Robin Trower, Bread, Neil Diamond, etc.). What I most like about Keith is his willingness to teach what the student wants to learn and still incorporate the essence of music knowledge into his lessons (notes, chords, rhythm). I am also interested in music theory and Keith has developed a simple way of explaining and teaching theory to help me understand the thought processes of the artists I am learning songs from. Keith is super patient and tailors his teaching method to each student’s needs and desires. Keith makes learning guitar fun, exciting and challenging all at the same time, whilst motivating me to grow in my understanding and love of music. Thank you Keith!”

– Rob

“I have been taking weekly lessons with Keith for two years and I have never spent money so well. There are tons of flawless players in the world, but the ability to teach is an entirely different can of worms. Keith has endless patience and has been terrific on truly isolating the key and personal issues in my development as a guitar player, which for me has been right hand and rhythm, which I think gets clearly overlooked in the desire for a player to achieve speed and technical development. He also has an unerring ear for music he has never heard, which makes learning songs a very efficient process. Oh, and the friggin dude shreds!  Highly recommended!”

Jeff Bronchick – Musician

“I decided to take up guitar for my 40th birthday. I got bored and frustrated with self-teaching from books. So, I decided to take lessons. I found out about Keith through Guitar Center and have been taking guitar lessons at Keith’s El Segundo studio for about six months. Keith does a great job teaching the fundamentals of guitar playing. We’ve covered basic chords, notes, strum patterns and techniques such as palm muting. Every lesson is built around learning to play my favorite songs. I’ve been getting progressively better and now I’m taking on more challenging songs like Led Zeppelin’s “Over the Hills and Far Away”. I highly recommend taking guitar lessons from Keith!”

Roger Corn – Guitarist

I have been taking guitar lessons with Keith for over three years. There is always something new to be learned at every lesson. It takes a while to learn to play the guitar well, but once you have it, its amazing. From learning scales to songs by my favorite artists, these lessons are getting me ready to be the musician I strive to be. The only thing I regret is not finding Keith Lynch and taking guitar lessons sooner.

Kara Margrave – Singer/Songwriter

“I couldn’t imagine a better guitar teacher than Keith. He can play, and therefore teach, just about any style of music you would ever want to play: heavy metal, indie rock, blues, jazz, you name it. Keith is blessed with tremendous patience and an instinctive ability to “reach” his students. He obviously loves to teach the guitar, it shows.”

Chuck Rondeau – Attorney