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Welcome to  In my many years of teaching I have found that nothing compares to one on one guitar lessons.  I’ve had a few teachers and it really helped me learn faster.  The internet is a great tool for sure however,  working with a good instructor can really accelerate the learning curve of this instrument.  There are many little things an instructor can point out that can make a big difference on how you sound as a player.

“I have been taking weekly lessons with Keith for two years and I have never spent money so well. There are tons of flawless players in the world, but the ability to teach is an entirely different can of worms. Keith has endless patience and has been terrific on truly isolating the key and personal issues in my development as a guitar player, which for me has been right hand and rhythm, which I think gets clearly overlooked in the desire for a player to achieve speed and technical development. He also has an unerring ear for music he has never heard, which makes learning songs a very efficient process. Oh, and the friggin dude shreds! Highly recommended!” – Jeff Bronchick

I believe that it’s very important to listen to a lot of players.  Notice what you like about each player.  Is it their tone?  Is it their choice of notes?  Maybe the way they strum?  Possibly the energy they put out as they play?  Try to strum or solo like them.  This can be a great way to learn.  No doubt that’s what they did when they were first starting out.  Eventually you will begin to develop your own unique style as a player.  This takes a while but it’s really cool when you notice it happening.

One of my first questions to you as your instructor would be:  “what do you want to learn?”  or  “where do you feel your weaknesses are?”  You may or may not know what is blocking you from sounding better and that’s where I can help.  In a few minutes I can usually asses where we need to put our focus in order to get you to where you want to be.

Connecting with the right instructor is key.  It’s important to feel comfortable with your teacher.  There are lots of great players but that doesn’t mean they know how to teach!

I also offer group and online lessons.

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